Life Lessons from Vincent van Gogh

Fait avec mon premier livre de l’année
(Done with my first book of the year)

Never would have I imagined myself drowning in a pool of emotions after reading this book – The Letters of Vincent van Gogh. I felt pain, sadness, rejection, hope, courage, love, and other unexplainable feelings all at the same time, that will forever be left submerged in my heart.

Boring as it may sound, but I am the type who adores reading journals and biographies of people. To name a few, General Luna, Hitler, Marie Antoinette and Monet are on the top of my list, but Vincent van Gogh—Vincent, stands out the most. Reading the life he lived moved me in a way where I couldn’t help myself but to just let my fingers kissed the keyboard to satisfy this urge to share what life lessons I have learned from him.

Here are my takeaways:

    In Vincent’s case, he had his brother, Theo. It is vital, especially in this cruel world, to have a special someone who will fully understand you no matter how bad the situation goes. The one who will stick with you. The one who can brusquely tell in front of your face your mistakes and the possible solutions to fix those. The one you can trust. This person can simply be your family, best friend, partner, or anyone who truly cares for you.
    Remember that “aloneness” is different from “loneliness”. You can be alone but happy doing what you love, and you can also be in a middle of a crowd but crying deep inside. Those are two different things. It may seem contradictory to my first point but learn how to enjoy and appreciate solitude. Always have a “me time” where you can hone yourself, even if that means you going to the cinema alone watching your most awaited movie or reading inside your bedroom while listening to your favourite playlist. As long as it satisfies you and helps you grow and bloom, go.
    In the society that we are living in, where people are always being judged based on the numbers of likes and followers on social media, the branded items you own, or the accomplishments you have achieved—anything could go haywire. It could lead to stress and depression which could affect you physical or even mental health. That is why, btw, point no 1 is very important and if in case, it failed, be brave to seek help. There is nothing wrong in that. After all, what matters most is your well-being.
    Vincent once said to his letter “Love is the best and noblest thing in the human heart, especially when it has been tested by life as gold is tested by fire”. Whether it is family, work, business, and church or even self-related, no matter how grey your life is turning out to be, just continue doing what you love for it will bring great results in no time. Be passionate about it. Do not lose hope.
    If you have a family member starting their vlog / blog, support by subscribing. If you have a friend who has a business, support by buying or by sharing the details to someone you know. If you have a relative who wants to pursue a healthy lifestyle, support by being their gym or jogging buddy. You see, if we just know the importance of supporting each other, it will surely make a big difference. After all, who wants to support someone who is lying down on a cold stainless metal bed? No one, I am sure.

Bonne Journée!

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Take Courage 2021

First things first, you should know that this is not a “comeback” blogpost. I am done with that. Believe me, I tried dusting off the cobwebs so many times in the past, inhaling the dust particles of wasted time. I did it more than I could count—to the point that I already developed an allergy to it. So yes, this not me waltzing back to the blogging world. Being on and off in producing a writing content is not easy especially when you have a day job and a side business to manage. (I really admire those who can juggle all responsibilities at the same time—and to moms, who can still blog while taking care of their kids? WOW! Hats off!)

So, what am I doing here when I am busy working my ass off to pay the bills? Well, while I was having my coffee break, I accidentally glanced at my calendar and realized that 2020 will be ending later. It became a habit of mine to create a yearly life theme for myself. Hence, I got inspired to think what it will be for 2021. Quick backstory, here’s a summary of my life’s theme for the past five years:

2015 – Step Ahead
2016 – Going Forward
2017 – Moving Deeper
2018 – Make Progress
2019 – Aim High
2020 – Stand Firm

2020 has been a roller coaster ride not just for me but for the entire world. It taught me a lot of lessons in every aspect of life. Experiencing lockdowns made me see the necessity of spending more quality time with my family and loved ones. The current situation in my workplace encouraged me not to complain even when salary deductions were implemented, but rather be thankful that I still have a job that God uses to supply our needs. Salary cuts taught me to be a good steward of God’s blessings, and it motivated me to keep emergency savings.

While the whole world is hold, I was pushed to keep myself busy and productive by attending online classes for Digital Marketing, enrolling in a French class avec ma soeur, doing stocks, and starting up a food business. (Well, the latter was my husband’s idea. I just serve as his sous chef and driver). I also learned how to cook new dishes aside from my usual “Sinigang” and “Sitaw” recipes. I was encouraged to be mindful of my health too, because as cliché as it sounds, health is indeed our wealth.

Amidst this muted chaos, I was able to STAND FIRM and surpass 2020 by God’s Grace.

And now, it’s time to TAKE COURAGE for 2021. (Yep, you guessed it right ! That’s my theme for this year.)

An adage once said, “It takes courage to move mountains”. And that, my friends, is what I’ll be focusing on this year—moving mountains. Do I have enough courage to do it? Let’s see.

One thing I am sure of is that God is with me in this journey.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this year brings us all to wherever in life we should be.

Do you know…

how it feels to put a period on something that makes you smile?

It’s like jumping over the edge of a cliff, surrounded by the vastness of ocean,

waiting yourself to fall and sadly knowing that…

you cannot swim.

2:00 AM

“Are you happy?”

A question that I randomly ask to everybody. It sounds strange but I have this urge of knowing the truth – what lies beyond those speaking eyes?

This time it is a bit different for I am asking and scrutinizing myself…

“Am I happy?”

One thing I know, I chose to be content –

Because happiness and contentment are closely related.

That’s all for now. Good night.


Faith Hope Love

“Everything in life begins as a seed. “

It was no doubt that our pastor was on point when he began the word by sharing this meaningful line. Everything we have now in life is the result of what have planted before. Think of doctors or lawyers or even the students who graduated with flying colors as examples. Efforts and time were spent by them. Not to mention the money they have invested or maybe the getaways, parties they have skipped.  These people sacrificed something precious to them, whether it is their time or a thing just to GET. THAT. GOAL! (whatever it is)

That being the case, I decided to begin my 2018 with a sweet sacrifice – planting seeds. Seed of faith, of hope and of love. Like the usual farming, this will never be easy. It will take time and efforts for me to cultivate its soil and nurture it. It will require tons of patience, especially when waiting for the harvest takes part. It will surely cost me. It will be exhausting. But…  I am confident that one day, these precious seeds will grow as trees that are rooted to God and will bear fruits of unshakable faith, never-ending hope and overflowing love, benefited by everyone. ♥


On the other note, I just wanted to spread the sovereignty and greatness of God. To some who does not know, I was on social media fast these past weeks. This means that instead of scrolling my timeline endlessly, praying and reading the word became my course of action (thank that guy who invented the bible app). God’s promises are so alive to the extent that my first month of the year has been ended by receiving an award at work… being the associate of the month

Signature - blog


I know.

It’s a shame that after having a comeback post, I let myself drowned again in the sea of my adventures (you know, va-cay-cion!).

And I apologize for that.

There’s nothing much on today’s post but let this be a warning that anytime soon, I’ll be throwing grenades of vlogs, write-ups and throwback photos on your timeline. I am still overwhelmed how God has been good to me with my recent trip. I praise Him for the priceless moments I got to spend with my loved ones, endless talks with my “beshies” and new found friends, places and food that I have crossed out on my long list. Oh! not to mention the man in my prayer. GOD IS SO AMAZING!

Anyhow, I have to end this as I need to jump out of bed, check my wardrobe and prepare for later’s event (errr… work!). Bye for now.

Be a blessing! ❤


Guess Who’s Back

Guess who’s back, back again
“Gen” is back, tell a friend
guess who’s back,
guess who’s back,
guess who’s back…

Isn’t it obvious that Eminem’s song, “Without You” did a perfect loop in my head and look! Someone has received her true love’s kiss and has been awaken from her deep sleep (in… blogging). Wink* Congrats, Gen!


It’s a tradition for me that every year, I set a theme together with a list of things-to-do that, of course, needs to be accomplished. Just in case you’re curious to know what happened in the past, I linked it here (2015) and here (2016). The latter was lull; only to realize that out of 24 bullets I put, only 9 were ticked off! It’s not even the half of it! See!

4. Travel to other countries
6. Go to spa ALONE
(Full Body Massage at The Address. Thanks to Asiatravel!)
7. Go for a camp
(at Secret Beach with Churchmates)
9. Join a community / an organization
(Appointed as the secretary of the United of the Hoteliers of the Philippines. Thanks Sir Erwin!)
10. Get a class
(Free music class from Reference Point. Thanks Kuya Jamin!)
11. Buy something from my wish list
(Yeti, Sony and Ipy)
14. Join a contest
(Since this was too broad, I joined numerous Instagram competitions and I won several times! Happy dance*)
17. Sing alone in the crowd
(Sang “My God”, an original, in the church)
18. Watch sunset in an unfamiliar place
(at Jebel Jais with RB, LA and Lek)

Guess that’s one of the ironies of #GoingForward – You wanted to progress in every aspect of your life but at some point, you remain stuck. With that, I was compelled to be more focused and just use last year’s unticked must-do. Not because I’m too tired to think but because I wanted move deeper into the things I have now. If you know what I mean. Thus, this year’s theme is…


1. Tour someone new in Dubai
2. Go Hiking
3. Do 24 Hours of Silence
4. Travel to another country
5. Visit home country – PHILIPPINES
6. Travel ALONE
7. Organize a party
8. Try something I’ve never done
9. Have a picture together with the person I admire
10. Sing an original song for someone
11. Do a decent cover of my favorite song
12. Have an amazing creative / fashion shoot
13. Collaborate with someone
14. Learn a new skill / talent
15. Watch a game in the stadium
16. Get a more defined body
17. Spend quality time with my girlfriends
18. Surprise someone
19. Finish either old or new testament in the bible.
20. Be a servant for a day
21. Read 2 books each month or 24 books in a year
22. Try a new water sport
23. Go two days without using tech such as computer, phone, & tablets
24. Do Cartwheel
25. Watch sunrise in an unfamiliar place


“My Other Half”

A personal composition dedicated to the man that God has prepared for me. (oh btw, I wrote a letter too! )

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

“My Other Half”

Verse I:
I waited for this time
For you to hear this song of mine
Created for a man who paired by God
My one and only love

Verse II:
I waited for this moment
To fin’ly see your face
To hold your hand and say these words…
“you mean so much to me”

Pre Chorus:
Everything I prayed for is here with me now.
There’s nothing I could ask for,
I’m content with what I have.

I praise God for your life
For giving me my other half
I will always be by your side
I love you… forever.

Verse III:
The waiting game is over
Because we’re now together
And when the world will tear us apart
Remember, my love will never fade

(Repeat pre chorus and chorus 2x)


I love you, forever (2x)
Oh God made us together…

Signature - blog